New Approach to Managing for life with Longhaulers

Posted by jennifergillan03 @jennifergillan03, May 21 8:43am

I’ve been recovering and discovering for almost 3 years.

Personally I manage my Longhaul with the Whoop to Avoid the Push and Crash.

The latest think I’ve learned about is this article.
I recently underwent lactate testing during with exercise.

I struggled so much..

My break throughs were accomplished with:

The Whoop

The PRC clinic at Mayo

The Longhaul Hyperbaric Protocol at AVIV

It seems this is the final break threw.

Understand the metabolic disorder that remains with activity.

If you need help and resources. I’m happy to share.

We all share the same uncertainty and confusion. But it does get better. It just takes time. You are not alone.. You will recover..


For more information you can look up extra free content under #covidrecoverymama

Longhaulers is a spectrum disorder.

Understand the trauma COVID caused.

Be Well and Never Give Up.

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What is The Whoop please? Thank you.


I’ve worn the whoop for OVER a year.. it measures you strain and recovery levels. I use it a little differently than they prescribe or recommend.

Key take away sis improving your HRV what is a good way to measure the stability of your autonomic nervous system.

I advise anyone I coach though long haul to use it.. I love it.
Get a free WHOOP 4.0 and one month free when you join with my link:

There is so much to learn. If you have more Questions feel free to reach out.

I have many links. To share based on the variety of symptoms people experience.

Be Well.


Another game changer is Athletic Greens.


Thank you for the encouragement! Long Covid 2+ years now- 34 yrs old.

I also use the whoop and find it to be a game changer.

Thank you for all the information- When I cry, I cry. But- when I have fight in me, I fight with everything I have.

Sending hope


So the WHOOP is like a Fitbit. I have worn a Fitbit for years. After Covid, it became very helpful to track the changes in my vitals as I walk, do daily activities, or sleep.

It has helped me understand some of the changes as I do different things. I do not have to pay extra to track my data from day-to-day or month-to-month, or yearly.


They do have similar technology. The hrv technology has evolved and how it is measured is different. I would google fit bit hrv strain and recovery levels body battery. There is so much to learn. It’s import to know what your measuring and the connections to consistent recovery.

The latest study released show that the lactate levels show longhauler have double the lactate levels at baseline than other people with metabolic disorder ie diabetes Alzheimer’s

Lactate levels are produced with increased activity levels…. We lack lactate transporters. So there is a buildup that creates some of our symptoms.

Lactate is fuel for the cells. The mitochondria is the part of the cell that gets highjacked by viruses. Our mitochondria are dysfunctional how do you train your mitochondria. It’s not pushing and crashing our pain decreases our gains. Zone 2 training that is prescribed based on your lactate levels.


Thank you for the encouragement! Long Covid 2+ years now- 34 yrs old.

I also use the whoop and find it to be a game changer.

Thank you for all the information- When I cry, I cry. But- when I have fight in me, I fight with everything I have.

Sending hope

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I understand the desire to fight for what you had but it’s very interesting when you learn to let go your mind set changes. It was not long ago when a woman who had been through a different trauma, could see the peril in my heart related to what I wasn’t anymore. She frankly asked me what would I do if my husband compared me to another woman? of course I was shocked and defiant. Like oh I kick his ass then she asked me why am I comparing myself to her the woman I used to be the mom I used to be the everything I used to be I’ve been punishing myself ever since I had gotten sick and that was like a game changer for me, you don’t need to fight you just have to let go and look for evidence that will help you heal from the inside out. You can do it you got this! Evidence and information is coming and you’re not alone.


Thirty years ago I had a moderate tramatic brain injury that took about 1.5 years to reach +90%. After about 6 weeks some of my coworkers would joke about me being "drame bamaged" (more clueless than cruel). It was the year from hell. There actually is an upside to this story. After about 6 months of beating up on myself emotionally, I gave myself permission to fail; I was at bottom and the only way was up. That removed a lot of the emotional stress that can smother us. It gave me time to heal and take back my life.

I caught covid 3 months ago after being glutened on a trip (celiac), so a double cytokine storm. You really need to look after yourself, avoid stress, find happiness wherever you can, and give yourself a lot of time to heal. We are impacted by a lack of empathy and understanding from people, and not yet being able to do or be what we were before. Knowledge about covid and long covid is still raw, and our experiences contribute to what this nasty virus can do to people. BTW, I track how I'm doing with an exercise bike. My heart rate is higher with the same exertion when covid is slapping me around, then during my better days.


We are all in this together…. If you ever need help… or have a random thought or Question. I like researching resources rooted in biology and historical evidence of how to allow our bodies to heal. Keep on Keeping on.

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