Neuropathy symptoms are worse when I sit or lay down: Anyone else?

Posted by pitepalten @pitepalten, Nov 26, 2021

My problems are worse when I sit or lay down. I now work standing and limit sitting or laying watching tv. When I wake up my arms have fallen asleep. This started 3 months ago and the discomfort is all over but worse in my arms, legs and back. I have had all the tests but no one can find anything. I also have a rash on my neck. It has been there for a week. Doesn’t itch. My dr prescribed 30mg Zymbalta. I take it prior to going to bed. Anyone have similar symptoms?

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Have any of your doctors said what brought on or caused the neuropathy?

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my left leg is due to less blood flow to it. I only have 75% blood flow to it. The right leg is affected, but have 100% blood flow. Mine is the same way with a lot of you, it hurts more when sitting or lying. When sitting after like 10 minutes my left foot is vibrating very badly. Hopefully when I go see the vascular doctor in January, I still have4 the same amount of blood flow in my legs.

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