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Posted by sunil2 @sunil2, Jan 6 11:46pm

Have a client, diagnosis confirmed by NCV and EMG, distal moderate sensorimotor axonal with demyelinating poly neuropathy. At present symptoms of both feet and sole burning and irritation .
Treatment given is PREGEBLIN 75 WITH NT. What other treatment options i.e FSM and TENS like ULTIMA NEURO and REBUILDER. Please advise.

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Hello @sunil2, Welcome to Connect. The Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy has a good list of different treatments, including complementary and alternative treatments that have been helpful for some people here: Another good source of information for learning about neuropathy is Neuropathy Commons:

You may also want to read through the list of discussions in the Neuropathy Support Group to learn what other members have shared about different symptoms and treatments:

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