neuropathy and burning feet

Posted by jlor @jlor, Apr 5, 2018

Has any one been prescribed mexiletine 150mg for neuropathy?.
My EMG/NCV came out clear, neurologist said. I have strong nerves, SFN biopsy came out ok last April,
My symptoms began December 2016, went away in June, last year, returned in December.
Extreme burning sensations in feet, primarily y right foot.? Suffer from extreme anxiety .

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Hello @jlor — There is a discussion Burning Feet syndrome that may interest you here:

I also found an article in the International Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences – Recent and Emerging Trends in Pharmacotherapy of Neuropathic Pain that mentions mexiletine:

I'm tagging other members who have mentioned burning feet in a post to see if they are able to offer any input or information. @skullborous, @ndovu, @steeldove do you have any suggestions for @jlor ?



Thank you so much John, I'm very desperate to find some relief.


Thank you so much John, I'm very desperate to find some relief.

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Hoping you find some relief soon. I don’t have burning feet but do have numbness and tingling all the time. At times they can be really cold or very warm. This was from a post in the burning feet discussion.

“Burning Feet Syndrome affected up to one third of Far Eastern Prisoners of War in World War 2”

I know that malnutrition was common with prisoners of war at the time so it would be interesting to find out if it could be related to some vitamin deficiency or something along that line.


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