Multiple system atrophy (MSA) and Neuropathy

Posted by kachris @kachris, Feb 8, 2020

I went to all the tests & everything’s good & normal. But i still have problem with speech & writing b my bp b is normal. First diagnosed with parkinsons but turned out my dormamine is ok. Now they say I have msa. Don’t believe them anymore Help!

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@healingone, Thanks for trying @healingone, sometimes those things just happen to the best of us. Let me see if this try works.
Is this it? Thanks for your participation on Connect. Be content and at ease tonight. Chris

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All 4 suspected disorders match so well, unfortunately. Makes my diagnosis tough! I don’t really have involuntary movements, just real slow. I forgot to mention I do have the bladder issues. So far the brain is in tack, depending on who you ask ha ha


Oh @kachris I am feeling ya all the way. First you have this, then that! I suffer from the same fate. MSA is rare & unkind. My mom has a nurse friend who’s best friend passed away with it. It was tough. Forgot also to mention my speech is affected too. Godspeed with your diagnosis & life.


@kachris, can you share what has lead them to a MSA diagnosis? And was it Mayo Clinic?

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