Neurologist in Seattle area, recommendations, please?

Posted by Solo Act @soloact, Jan 1, 2018

I’m in an area that has, shall we say, inadequate medical care. Need a consultation with an experienced neurologist to interpret recent CT, MRI, EEG, etc. tests. Anyone have personal experience with anyone in or near Seattle? Preferably affiliated with Swedish, because my local hospital is, but that’s not essential and given the malpractice scandal with their neurosurgery dept, I’m hesitant to go there. Record access would be easier, though.

If you recommend someone, would you please add a bit about what that dr. is like and why you like him or her? THANKS.

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@jimhd @pegorr @spottedcat83 might any of you have a neurologist recommendation in the Seattle area for Solo Act?


I’d like to find a good neurologist near Bradenton/Sarasota Fl, even Tampa. Someone with vast experience with PN and extreme calcinosis. Supposedly the calcinosis appeared due to the autoimmune disease. Any suggestions out there. None of my doctors know of anyone with calcinosis/ossification knowledge and research. Someone out there must have experience with this. The calcinosis is my major issue as the tailbone has grown with growths and the thighs and buttock area have large deposits.

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