Nerves all mixed up - ever get in the way and/or painful spikes?

This is probably a weird, wacky, rare occurrence, but I might as well try to explain it…

Anyone have problems with their nerves being displaced from life/health events. Because of this, you get nerve pain? Or get jolts of pain up and down your legs, back and/or side of the abdomen?

Last year I was scheduled to have an “arterial flush” to rid my system of clots throughout, the surgeon couldn’t get passed my nervous system since it had been moved due to battered arteries. In fact at one point, the doctor hit a nerve and my leg shot up and kicked him in the face (no control). Weirdest sensation ever.

I get jolts of pain all over every day. Some of them can be so strong, my body jumps from it’s position. Some of them are so painful, nothing I can do but hold on.

I guess my question/discussion is: Do you any of you suffer from displaced nerves, what do you take for nerve pain/damage and what procedures have you tried to correct the problem?

Thanks a million!
Martin R. Lemieux

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