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How did your MRI go, @margaretob?

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I learned, and slid in the noisy tube for 22 minutes with my eyes closed. Doctor NOT AVAILABLE until the TENTH OF MARCH. NEUROPATHIC AND VASCULAR EXPERT…
I did find two foods that are ZERO in calories (140 each) GRITS….and Marys SUPER LIME CHILI seed crackers. 140 calories ..neither has ANY SUGAR….Multi vitamin of the B's….
Last night after some MEXICAN FOOD my sugar went to 262…I walked it down to 170 then again around the block two times to 127….ALpha Lipoic acid helps to knock it down faster..
I took that pill and my INSULIN 25mgs. this morning and my metanx and Gabapentin 300 mgs….Every day is a challenge. trying to keep the sugar numbers down with a mostly vegetarian diet…Still have the burning and pain when the sugar goes up..GOT TO KEEP IT DOWN…this morning was 100 after the chair exercises on the net….I use two bottles of water for the weights, it works. I am determined to live without the pain associated with DIABETIC AUTONOMIC PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY which kills…..thank you for asking…I am 76…how are you?

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