Nerve blocks and septum surgery

Posted by marystefy @marinelastef, Sep 14, 2018

Hello group !! I am writing to you for I need major help. Since I had septum surgery and nerve bock in the neck and nostrils I’m left with severe symptoms hard to deal with, constant dizziness breathing burning stinging tingling numbness that spreads down my arms, spinal cord, feet, pretty much my whole body, but more severe in the left side. Is there anyone that had such procedures than dealing with neuropathic pain and distress after ? Any advice means a lot to me !!

Thank you all !!

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Hello @marinelastef,

I apologize, I haven't experienced similar issues, so I can't address your concerns. However, I would like to send you a "virtual hug"!! I can only imagine how difficult this may be!

Can you share if you have you seen a neurologist?

Stay strong dear @marinelastef!


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Hello @danielad . Thank you for responding to my post, yes, I did see several neurologists without any specific help or treatment. They normally prescribe anti-depression medications which in my case worsen the condition. I also tried gabapentin, lyrics, and some other things without any relief. I feel very dry and depleted of the cushioning under skin which conservative medication is never going to treat or put back what those blocks burned. The only way to get some help would be something regeneration I think but those treatments cost a fortune and not everyone is privileged to get .


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