Neuroblastoma cancer

Posted by julzbro1970 @julzbro1970, May 16 6:03pm

I have a three year old grandson who has neoroblastocoma at high risk .it's all over his body .has had two blood transfusions and only on cycle of chemo . He's not eating or Drinking so they have to do fluids .I'm very much into healthy ways of life and it's so hard to see and hear a Dr say that his diet had nothing to do with this and changing his diet like no sugar or process food is going to matter. BS. It makes me mad that all they care about is money and giving poisons and not maybe suggesting natural ways if preventing cancer or any diseases. It's all about the paycheck. It's so hard trying to explain to my grandson mother how important it is right now to not give him sugar or anything else like vitamins or trace minerals that have proven to shrink cancer because all they want to do is listen and trust the Dr .

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I'm so sorry to hear this–devastating for everyone involved. I hope and pray your grandson will be alright. Speaking as a grandmother–I may not always agree with my daughter and son-in-law (although they are indeed terrific parents and people) but I just bite my lip and remind myself that they are indeed in charge. If you can, I'd try and be uncritically supportive in this very difficult time (and maybe vent to your friends or to the chat!). Beliefs about diet, and indeed the medical system, are kind of like religion or politics–we don't always agree. In this crisis though, I'm sure your love and caring are invaluable.


@julzbro1970, here is some information about neuroblastoma in children from Mayo Clinic:
– Neuroblastoma

You're right that a healthy diet is important. Reducing sugar and process foods is part of eating healthy. I rather agree with @mir123. Sometimes when involved in the care of grandchildren, grandparents often have to bite their tongue.

Sugar is often discussed by cancer patients. It is a myth that sugar feeds cancer. You can read more here:
– Sugar's Role in Cancer
According to this article by Mayo Clinic nurse educators "Sugar seems to be a major source of anxiety and fear for people with cancer. There is a myth circulating that sugar feeds cancer and that avoiding sugar will prevent the growth of cancer. To set things straight…sugar does not cause cancer on its own. Giving sugar to cancer cells does not make them grow faster and depriving cancer cells of sugar does not make them grow more slowly. …"

What treatment is your grandson getting?

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