Posted by dablues @dablues, Nov 5 5:50pm

Got this as a result of my CT Scan of lungs.
There are several bilateral pulmonary nodules that measure up to 8 mm. Many of these are clustered suggesting postinflammatory nodules. Neoplasm cannot be excluded.
Clinical indication:Lung nodule, < 6mm, high cancer risk;Solitary pulmonary nodule PROCEDURE: Noncontrast imaging of the chest was performed. FINDINGS: There are several bilateral solid and groundglass pulmonary nodules. Most of these are clustered suggesting postinflammatory nodules. Largest nodule is 7 x 8 mm (image 73, series 2. There is severe emphysema. The major airways are clear. There are no enlarged intrathoracic or axillary lymph nodes. There is no pleural or pericardial effusion. There are coronary artery calcifications.
Any suggestions? I definitely would want a second opinion. Haven’t seen my doctor yet. Got the results before the dr. got it. That’s the way the world works now.

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Hi @dablues, I can imagine that seeing the description that "neoplasm cannot be ruled out" and "high cancer risk" caused concern. I'm sure you also know that lung nodules are very common. None-the-less, you must've been worried. Have you had a chance to discuss the result with your doctor yet? What are the next steps?


Hi @dablues, There is certainly a lot going on in that CT report. I hope you are feeling ok, are you noticing an increased shortness of breath?

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