Need Advice: Might I need to extend my stay?

Posted by chelle2001 @chelle2001, Sep 3 11:59am

Hi, I am a brand-new patient to Mayo and will be visiting the Rochester location the first week of October. My appointments/tests are scheduled from Monday – Wednesday. Is it common or possible for doctors to schedule additional testing after meeting with you that may extend your stay at Mayo? I will be flying in from Texas and I'm wondering if I should make arrangements to stay the whole week just in case additional testing is needed.

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It is very probable that additional tests will be ordered and it will be more convenient for you to extend your
stay than to return; however, availability of additional diagnostic tests may not be offered and a return visit
will be likely. Good Luck. Enjoy your visit.


Hi @chelle2001 !

When I made my very first trip to Rochester I was scheduled for only 2 appointments. One was a test and one with the neurologist. I was looking for a diagnosis. I was told by Mayo staff I should plan for 5-7 days.

I drove to Rochester from five hours away, so I could easily change my schedule if need be. With airline travel it may become a bit more difficult without help. The following two links would be very helpful to you.

Rochester has a concierge services:

and travel services:


Welcome @chelle2001, this is a commonly asked question by new patients. Mayo Clinic works hard to accommodate all your appointments in the time expected. However, it is good to prepare should your stay need to be extended for further investigation, especially if you have children or pets that need to be taken care of in your absence. Mayo Clinic hotels and services are very accommodating should you need to extend your stay.

As @nancy82415 suggested, Mayo Clinic free Concierge Services can help you prepare for your visit and adjustments.

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