Need words of wisdom while still wearing a mask in public

Posted by brdross @brdross, Oct 25, 2023

I am looking for some advice about wearing a mask at social gatherings. We will be moving to an over 55 community and are excited to meet some new people and enjoy all of the activities they offer. We already went to their Club House opening and my husband and I were the only ones wearing a mask. I sensed a feeling of disgust and it seemed that everyone avoided us. We met with the foreman who is building our new home who saw our masks and responded "Whoa, you're not sick are you?" I need some advice on how to interact in these situations. Do I introduce myself and say, "no I'm not sick, I'm being cautious" or "I have a lung condition so it's best that I wear a mask". With everything that older people can catch these days, I'm really surprised that more elderly people don't wear a mask. Then, I wouldn't feel so alone.
You're feedback is appreciated.

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I received the above information from my niece who is an RN. She sent me a chart with the effectiveness of different masks, but I can’t locate it.


If we wear a mask, we use N95 or KN95. They are cheap , especially on line. This from a person who made hundreds of fabric masks -with a barrier layer in between.


The N95 masks are recommended. I wear the masks from I.Q. Air.
Expensive, but have a good 'seal' around the edges, yet comfortable.


As King Claudius would say, "To thine own self be true." Stick to your own principles and be honest with those who you perceive as judgmental. If they cannot accept or show compassion for your compromised health situation, they are not worth knowing.


My friends and family know and understand I wear a mask in public because of my “lung condition” (because most of them don’t remember bronchiectasis or NTM 😜 ). I figure that if anyone I don’t know were to ask me, I plan to say that I have a chronic lung condition that makes me susceptible to bacterial infections. Usually in stores I see a few other people with masks. The times I don’t see anyone with masks (and get the look) are when I’m traveling through very rural areas.

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