Posted by amroz @amroz, Oct 2, 2023

I have ILD. I use both Inogen G5 as well as Constant flow tanks, the smaller ones so you can walk around. When I am going to appointments at Mayo & have to walk "all over the place" I use constant flow. My husband carries an extra tank for me. Here is my problem he is going to be having some serious surgery and be at St. Mary's Hospital for 4 to 5 days. I want to be with him as much as possible so I will need to rent O2 tanks while in Rochester, I want them to be delivered to the Hotel. Does anyone have a recommendation as too who does this or who to call. Do not suggest Main Clinic Supply, they do not rent. Please Help. Thanks.

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@amroz Hello and welcome! St. Mary's is a wonderful place, and I've had surgeries there. The Mayo Clinic Concierge Service will help you find what you need while in Rochester. They have lots of local information and information about lodging. It is a free service. Here are several ways to contact them.

Phone: 507-538-8438
Live Chat:
Web form:
In-person in Rochester MN: Lobby hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday. Offices are located in the International Center in the Mayo Mathew’s Lobby, Executive Lounge on Mayo 5, Radiation Oncology Lobby – Desk R

You might also enjoy looking at this tour of St. Mary's hospital as an introduction.



Thank you - I will try them all. I did contact someone and they gave me Main Clinic Supply. They do not rent.
I will let you know what happens. Ann-Marie


Here are options
Have your doctor write a prescription for oxygen and a have a company called lincare in rochester deliver them to you.
2nd option I'm on oxygen have 3 bottles 2 I own 1 is rental from lincare. I can have 1 filled brand new you have to buy the plastic hose and what type of nose or mouth piece and I will let you borrow it and you just have to pay me to have it refilled by lincare we can talk if still needed or interested Dave


Thank you for your advice. I have everything I need to use a tank its the rental that is a problem. I will look into Lincare.


Thank you again my problem has been solved. I guess I can say I have been clueless about how insurance, etc. works with O2, as well as what a O2 provider can or cannot due for you. I called Lincare and thanks to them saying why they cannot help me because I get O2 from Corner Medical they solved a stressful issue for in Corner Medical must deliver it to you if you want it - I was once told no - it seems they have changed their mind. I wish I could change to Lincare but due to insurance it is not possible at this moment in time. I did not want this to turn into a saga but I guess it did.

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