Need help: Hodgkin lymphoma and addicted to cocaine

Posted by 696969 @696969, Mar 17, 2019

Hi my partner has classic Hodgkin lymphoma and he is also addicted to cocaine I have tried so hard to help him but I want to no if someone can help me as I need to no if the cocaine is feeding the cancer as the chemo should of worked but his now in his 3 type of chemo

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Hello @696969

I am so sorry to hear that your partner is dealing with two very serious health problems, cocaine addiction as well as Hodgkin lymphoma. As you know, at Mayo Connect, we are a patient support network and we cannot offer medical advice nor give you the answer you are looking for.

However, I can suggest that if your partner is willing, you go to see his oncologist with him and voice these concerns. That way you can get professional medical advice.

For how long has your partner been using cocaine? How long ago was he diagnosed the Hodgkin Lymphoma?


Hi @696969, I'd like to add my welcome. I moved your message to the Blood Cancers group. This blog post by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute helps answer some of your questions:
– Drug Abuse and Cancer: What You Should Know
Here are some key points:
* illicit drugs such as cocaine and heroin are often mixed with cancer-causing additives, called cutting agents.
* chronic use of illicit drugs will increase cancer risk

Only an oncologist can answer whether your boyfriend's use of cocaine is reducing the effectiveness of the chemo. It must be a very hard time for both of you right now.

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