Need for advocating now for hearing loss

Posted by arrowshooter @arrowshooter, Aug 19, 2020

We need to advocate for ourselves NOW.

I am an advocate for hearing loops and I just communicated with my local bank about assistive systems for people with hearing loss. The bank officer was polite and listened but was generally uninterested because THEY HAVE NOT HAD ANY COMPLAINTS. This little bank has about 10 locations and no one has complained about using the drive-up windows with the speaker systems that are very difficult to understand especially if there are other cars running and traffic going by. We talked about counter-top loop systems to use in the lobby and he said no one has ever complained about not being able to hear.

During this COVID pandemic we are experiencing more situations that make it more difficult to communicate (masks, plastic shields, speaker systems, etc). People assume their systems are OK as long as no one ever complains. Asking for some to repeat or speak louder/slower is not a complaint. It is just accepted practice. As people with hearing loss we expect to have trouble communicating so that trouble becomes common practice to us. We deal with it or around it.

Of course there is a danger that if we complain now our complaints will be dismissed as “caused by masks or plastic shields”. Those things only make a bad situation worse for us. We have to dispel the common notion that hearing aids restore everyone to normal hearing.

As I write this post I think of the explosive thread on this forum about the medical professions reluctance to accommodate people with hearing loss. The medical care people are only one group who ignores people with hearing loss. But the disregard of people with hearing loss is universal.

Maybe we are the ones at fault.

Thank you, @tonyinmi. Almost all of this was new to me so thank you for taking the time to explain it. Sue


HLAA started in the founder's basement. He and his family paid a huge price to make hearing loss an issue of concern. The founder never accepted any pay, and the organization functioned with a volunteer staff for several years. Donors made it possible for the organization to grow and be able to afford office space and a small staff after a few years. Still, they continue to operate on loyalty and a shoestring! HLAA Is rated well among charitable non profits, and continues to use every penny to help make a difference. Thankfully, bequests received from early members have helped HLAA keep going during the tough times we're in right now. All HLAA chapters and state organizations are run by volunteers. These are tough times for organizations that depend on volunteers. Many people feel that volunteerism is a dying thing. Everyone thinks that someone else 'will do it', Not so. We all must do our share and take our turn. People like Nurse Headaches/Eloise are making a difference, but they sure need help!

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Wow! I just changed my charity to HLAA because of your comment.


Thank you for supporting HLAA! 🙂

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