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neck surgery

Posted by @ab, Feb 23, 2012

I have severe neck pain, My MRI shows c3-C6 completely shot, no space between. I have seen a neurosurgeon in my area but not sure about his reputation. Also, not really excited about the procedure that I need. Anyone ever have this kind of surgery? I need help and another surgeon, and would like to go to the Mayo Clinic.


Sandy H.

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Posted by @sandyh, Mar 27, 2012

I would recommend Dr. Michael Hooten of Mayo in Rochester and/or Dr. Dykesj of the Spine Clinic in Minneapolis. Either of them will get to the root of the problem at help you find relief. They did for me.


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Posted by @luisahuerta, Mar 27, 2012

would you be aable to get me his phone number for Dr. michael hooten in rochester…thanks ..god bless you..maryp.

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