Neck popping

Posted by djones8623 @djones8623, Jan 19 12:36pm

Hey everybody.

I was just wondering if anybody has ever experienced what I am currently dealing with. I was at work one day, a couple of months ago, and I turn my head to look at some documents, and I noticed by neck started popping. Not like a gas bubbles releasing kind of pop. Like it pops constantly.

I thought it was just weird at the time, but I started having symptoms, starting the next couple of days. It started out that I noticed a slight change in my vision. Not blindness by no means, but slightly more blurry. Then a day or two after this, by left ear started ringing and has been constantly since then. Since then, it seems like I have some issues with numbness and a little issue with fine motors skills and some finger twitching in my hands.

Through all this, my neck hasn't had any pain really, but it constantly cracks and pops whenever I move my head. I've been to my regular doctor, the emergency room (where I was told I should see an orthopedist), an ENT, and and Orthopedist. I eventually got back to my regular doctor, when I saw a different provider. The first time I went, the lady said it was probably my sinuses. I got referred to go back to by orthopedist next week, where I am hoping to get an mri.
Originally, the orthopedist informed me that I had some degenerative disk issues around my c-5-c-6 area of my neck.

I apologize for the novel, but does the issues I mention, the neck popping and the other symptoms, does that sound like an possibly issue with my cervical spine/nerves, spinal cord around it/etc.?

I'm starting to feel like a crazy person. I've been telling the people trying to help me that I'm feeling like it is originating in my neck, but I feel like I'm just getting some traction with that. They X-ray me at the orthopedist, but am I correct in assuming this might be the best at showing issues nerves associated with the spine?

Thanks in advance for any info.

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I have degenerative disk disease and arthritis in my neck and it pops a lot. The doctor has said I've developed bone spurs as a result and sometimes, the muscles and nerves surrounding the vertebrae react and I have intense pain. Other times, not so much. I do Yoga, Pilates and vagus nerve exercises that help a lot. A reset of the vagus nerve is worth trying to get some relief and at least won't make it worse. Lay down flat on your back with your hands cradling your head. Without moving your head, turn your eyes as far as you can to the right and hold for 40-60 seconds. Then shift them back to center for a few seconds before repeating on the left. Then sit up with legs crossed or out in front of you. Again, shift your eyes all the way to the right and this time, tilt your head to the right and hold for about 40 seconds. Repeat on the left. Finally, shift your eyes all the way to the right and tilt your head to the LEFT for 40 seconds and finish by shifting your eyes all the way to the left but tilting your head to the RIGHT. I do this every other day or so and I have noticed a significant difference in my neck discomfort for the better.

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