Nail clipped off nail bed

Posted by anna17X0X @anna17xox, Jun 6 3:40pm

Hello I had to clip part of my nail off my nail bed because I accidentally dented my nail after using cuticle pusher to remove Gel polish. Will it grow back ?

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Hi Anna, Ouch! Don’t you hate when that happens!!??! The next couple of days the top of your thumb may feel the most impact from this break just because it’s used to being protected by the longer nail. You might want to keep lotion on it so the top of the skin at the top of the thumb stays soft and supple. The good news, there shouldn’t be any long term damage to the nail. It will take a while to grow out. But you’ll start noticing new growth in a week or so.
Also, from experience, the new nail, just at the top edge may get pretty straggly looking as it grows out and you may have to gently file it from time to time to keep it from catching on clothing. But eventually it should look like normal again. Do you polish routinely?

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