Mystery lung disease has my girlfriend on strong vent. Is there hope?

Posted by chrisnamber @chrisnamber, Feb 18, 2019

About 3 weeks ago my girlfriend Amber was having breathing problems and admitted herself to the hospital in traverse City Michigan. Things quickly took a turn for the worse and she was scared and said she felt like she was drowning. Day after day she fought as the nasial oxygen tube turned to a full face mask. Her O2 levels were dropping still and the talk of a ventilator came into play. We tried to avoid that of course but ran out of options. Ten days passed and she was scared and tired of not being able to breathe. So the doctors and us decided to have the vent put in. Within 24 hours she was in critical condition and being transferred to Henry Ford hospital in Detroit. We have been here for 9 days and she's on 16 PEEP level. Her blood gas has been dropping her oxygen has been in the 90s but when the RN tries to reposition her the levels crash. Now the doctors are telling me that she's not going to live without life support 24_7. They are suggesting us to pull the plug and let her go. It feels to soon for a decision like that. I'm terrified of loosing her. There has to be a way to help her.

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@ @chrisnamber– I am so so sorry. How horrible that Amber is in such an emergency situation., it must be horrendous to see her like this. What started her trouble with breathing? Have the doctors put a name to her condition? Do they know what is causing it?
Is her family involved with making these horrible choices? There's no easy solution to this, because if her family is involved than unless they invite your opinion you will not have a say. This has happened in such a short time span I'm sure that you are all in shock. I imagine that they have her in an induced coma? Id her folks are there what are they saying? I wish that I could help more. I am not a doctor so I can't give medical advice. I Know that you don't want to lose her. I certainly hope that you don't.


Chris- How is Amber doing?


I just saw this. I'm so sorry! How is your girlfriend? 🙏


I am so sorry for you!!! N Girlfriend, was her copd real bad? how is she? Jeanette in Fl.

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