Anyone have Myoclonus (sleep starts): What helps?

Posted by adam1234 @adam1234, Mar 13 2:08pm

Has anyone ever experienced a condition known as myoclonus? Aka sleep starts? If so, what was the remedy? And what was the cause?

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Hello @adam1234 and welcome to Mayo Connect. On Connect, there are several members who have posted about myoclonus. Here are links to some of these discussions that are found in the Brain Nervous System support group:

--Lance Adams Syndrome
--Progressive encephalomyelitis with rigidity and myoclonus (PERM): Help

Are you interested in this topic because it is a recent diagnosis for you?


@adam1234, I'd like to add my welcome. I'm also tagging fellow members like @captainanxiety8 @shaneilya @falconhawaii traut4 and @medskush, who may be able to add more about their experiences with myoclonus.

There are different types of myoclonus:
- Physiological myoclonus
- Essential myoclonus
- Epileptic myoclonus
- Symptomatic (secondary) myoclonus

See details of each of these categories in these 2 articles.

Have you been diagnosed with a specific type of myoclonus that may help determine the cause?

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