Myasthenia Gravis brought on by Iron Infusion/possibly Covid

Posted by j77 @j77, Feb 14 12:01am

I have had an illness for over two years that no Doctor can figure out.I just went to an infectious disease doctor who tested me for alot of diseases including Myasthenia Gravis.The specific test he ran for Myasthenia Gravis came back with an antibody that was borderline,but labcorp ran additional tests and told my doctor it was negative.I have slow chewing,talking,swallowing,my breathing is not normal because of no strength in my stomach or diaphram,trouble walking,No gag reflex,extremely dry eyes that are painful,squinty and extremely sensitive to light.I have alot of other symptoms,but I thought those were many that involved in MG.I was looking at LEMS,Polymyositis,Gullian Barre and a few other diseases.I feel like they all have similarities.The problem is the Doctors are not finding much of anything with the tests they have run on me.I had a reaction 5 days after an iron infusion for anemia and by 6 months I was bedbound for months.My whole body was basically attacked.Has anyone had Myasthenia Gravis with a Borderline or negative test?I know Autoimmune Diseases are hard to figure out.I am just trying to figure it out myself with help from others.The Doctors I have met with can't help me.

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Thankyou for responding!I am going to have to do something because I am just getting worse. The problem is my Neurologist is not finding much.I will have to find a neuromuscular doctor.I was just doing some research and it said that heavy menstrual periods can bring on MG.I had severe periods for years before this came on and the doctors did not know what was causing it.Did you take steroids at all and do you think that could help me at all?I think that is all I could probably get from this Doctor.Also have you or do you know anyone that has gone into remission with this disease?

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I had steroids at the beginning of my treatment but that’s not a safe drug for long term use. It has serious side effects so doctors would hopefully wean you off as your condition improves.

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