My UAs are positive for meth when I don’t do drugs

Posted by bikersollady13 @bikersollady13, Mar 4 5:32pm

I keep testing positive for meth but my previous probation officer & now my parole officer do not care to take into consideration my medications (Adderall & Trazodone) & if I’ve taken Sudafed. They never say anything about amphetamines only methamphetamines that come back & say my medications only come back as amphetamines even though I show proof from credited medical schools/hospitals that’s proven it & can’t determine the illicit to synthetic. How can I prove it anymore? This has costed me & my family so much cause I get sent to jail & prison for taking what’s prescribed to me from a licensed medical professional. These POs think they know everything & what they know is the only truth & facts when they have no clue. Plus the illicit drug makes you loose weight but I keep gaining & I don’t change my behaviors or mood. Is there any other way to prove them wrong to fight for my freedom?

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I know nothing, but wanted to wish you well. It must be so frustrating! I did find this article mentioning trazadone. I hope you are able to find someone to help you out.

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