My son is having seizures. Looking for information on how to cope

Posted by sarahv @sarahv, Apr 19, 2016

My son is having seizures and I want more information on how to cope with the situation?

Hello. I know for certain there is surgery available for seizures.
Whether your son qualifies is the question. Only your health professional
will advise you on the procedure. Often, seizures are controlled with
medication but as the patient gets older, they are restricted in performing
activities such as sports, driving a vehicle, and more debilitating,
obtaining gainful employment…
I wish you all the best in getting the proper treatment for your son.


Go to Mayo Clinic Seizures for facts about them.

Also, go to for seizure types and medicines used, as well as
age groups, etc. That has a Community of people with all types who have
experienced and found many solutions.

Kay Kramer


Hi @sarahv, welcome to Connect.
Can you tell us a bit more about your son? How old is he? What type of seizures does he have?

There are many types of seizures. Here’s a list of types from – the website that @irvkay312 recommended and from Mayo Clinic

I look forward to getting to know more about you and to help connect you with other Connect members.


Among the options given you by your neurologists you may want to look into a ketogenic diet.

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