Generalized seizures, but no known reason for abnormal brain activity

Posted by viviannejam @viviannejam, Jun 18, 2019

I had my first fall when I was 14, where I fell from a bathtub and went unconscious,it was 8 years back.. I started having generalised seizures which is caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain..They don’t know the reason for the abnormality of electrical activity in the brain.I take carbamazepine 400mg and topomax 50mg.They are controlled but at times not

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Hi, @viviannejam – welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Sounds like you have a lot of unknowns you are contending with, which I suspect would be confusing.

Here is some Mayo Clinic information on seizures you may find helpful, especially the part on generalized seizures

I'd like to introduce you to @dawn_giacabazi @jakedduck1 @bruceg @pamelastewart5 @kktpapa @rchllmorgan, who may have some input on understanding the seizures you are experiencing despite the normal MRI.

Wondering how often you are having the seizures? Are your medications causing you any side effects?


At least with your normal MRI’s you don’t have any lesions or structural damage causing your seizures. Generalized seizures are often genetic even though no one else in the family can be found who also has them. As you probably already know it’s very common to have Epilepsy/Seizures with normal scans and EEG’s.
You mentioned “they are controlled but at times not”, I don’t understand what you mean by that statement, can you explain? What medication/s are you on?
What type of Generalized Seizures do you have Absence/Petit Mal, Atonic/Drop Attacks, Myoclonic, Tonic-Clonic/grand Mal, Tonic or Clonic.


You mentioned bathtub. I hope you weren’t taking a bath, especially if you were alone. It sounds more like you were standing on the tub. If you fell did you get hurt?


Hi, @viviannejam – wondering how you are doing lately and how things are going with the carbamazepine and topiramate (Topomax)?

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