My Knee Replacement Surgery Experience

Posted by ajaymehta10 @ajaymehta10, Nov 16, 2018

Hey friends, I am posting first time on this forum. Actually, I am recovering from a knee replacement surgery and get very good results. Now, I am able to do exercise as well.
My knee cap has some problems and I am a continuous feeling pain in the knee from a long time. My family doctor advised me to get knee replacement surgery and I plan my surgery under the supervision of an experienced doctor. While consultation, the doctor gives me a trust that your knee is able to work again.
On the surgery day, the surgeon gives me analysis and replace my knee joint with an artificial joint. After some medicines and ortho exercises I am able to stand or walking and with the time now I am completely recovering from this surgery. To get safe treatment and desired results you must need to follow the instructions provided by the surgeon.

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I had the same scenario only on my left knee. I now have one bowed and one straight leg. I was 30 at the time of the surgery. I’m now 47. I rock side to side when I walk and have developed pain in my other knee. I’m active and not overweight. Straightening one leg and not the other was not a good move. I wish I’d been better advised by my surgeon.

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Is it possible to get the leg straightened? I don't know anything about it but I'd certainly ask the surgeon.

All the best to you.



Good morning @tzraquetball, I am so glad to know that you have been a proactive patient about your medical issues. Even though we tend to become more aware of this kind of issue as we age, it is still discouraging to have to give up some activities that we really enjoy. So, if I interpreted your welcoming post correctly, you no longer play racquetball of pickleball because of the recurring swelling.

I have read about your Journey 2 replacement and it had considerable research regarding activity post-surgery. So I understand your concern and disappointment.

My first TKR was 12 years ago and other than one bout with swelling and pain, it has been fine. My second TKR was in August of 2021 and that was a Mako Robotic replacement. I am now 80 and still walking 2 miles a day…..doing Yoga and also special PT for balance and stability. What I had to realize was that my prior life which included "trekking" around our world with a group of friends had to come to a halt. I replaced that with more modest activities like Mahjongg. I also lived in the mountains at about 6000 ft. I found that walking uphill was fine but going downhill was a sure way to wear out my knee replacement. The swelling was an active deterrent.

First question: are you sure this is not a Banker's Cyst of some kind?
Second question: do you do the Yoga pose "legs up the wall"?
Third question: is there any chance you have experienced MFR, myofascial release therapy?

Even though my recovery from the second TKR was "textbook", I still must be careful. When the swelling occurred my MFR therapist was able to move the fluid up my leg so that it could be released upon urination.

MFR is discussed on Connect right here: pain.

Please give that a read and for more member information just go to the search bar at the top of this screen and enter "MFR". Press the magnifying glass at the end of the search opening and that will show you every post in which MFR is discussed.

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.

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Many thanks Chris for a very informative and detailed answer. Let me answer the questions your were asking. I am not currently playing doubles racquetball or doubles pickleball. The whole purpose of the replacement was to fix the knee so i can resume those 2 activities. I am hoping that I would be able to do this and the doctor had discussed this and had said i would be able to.

I have done some reading on the Bakers Cyst and when the doctor inspected it, they didnt see this. Typically there would be a ball like shape behind the knee and i dont have this.

I dont do the yoga pause with the leg up the wall and was doing the regular PT until it swelled up more then normal. I am elevating when i can with the knee elevated and the head flat down so the fluid can drain backwards. But there is hardly any progress.

Its interesting you mention MFR, i started to look into this and will call a few places that advertise this and hope this can help. Many thanks for this.



First post for me but really need some guidance. Had total knee replacement in Feb 2021 minimally invasive. Everything was going good ROM & extension good. November 2021 other knee completely gave out. Bakers cyst, partially torn meniscus & bursa issue. Had cortisone injection couple times & so far dealing with it. Surgeon said I need total replacement on that knee now. Which I agree & understand but I have been having trouble with BOTH knees since November. I have a tightness that I feel below both knees now. ROM on surgical knee has decreased. Also have tightness on both feet. Have feeling and no tingling so I have been told it's not neuropathy. I am able to walk but stairs are extremely difficult. Pain right below the knee on both is where it is making it difficult to do stairs.

I have had various tests done. MRI on the back do have degenerative disc disease , also have what they refer to as a spondy at l4 and l5. But back specialist says not coming from my back. I am totally at the end of knowing what to do. I want to have the surgery but definitely afraid due to what happened. Has anyone else had the tightness below the knee? Could it be tendon or muscle issues. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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