My Diabetes 2 Backwards Numbers---Anyone else?

Posted by Retired Teacher @retiredteacher, May 10, 2017

I was diagnosed one year ago and as an educator I have researched and read everything I could find about diabetes. I have never been sickly or had a disease before this reared its ugly head. I have the Mayo book with explanation and information. My PCP doesn’t do anything with diabetes so I made an appointment with an endocrinologist. My A1c was 6.0 and all testing profiles were normal except triglycerides. I do not take any diabetes medicines. I was not an exercise person, but I started exercising, using a treadmill. My situation is pretty good. I changed my diet to conform as much as possible. I don’t eat fish, so chicken is my main meat. I eat beef once a week. Mostly I eat vegetables. Fruits seem to spike my blood numbers. I have experimented with some different food combinations; some have worked; some haven’t.
My main problem is that my morning number before breakfast is often high (in 140’s or 150’s). and then after lunch, it will be in range or lower (100 to 120).
Last night before I went to bed my blood was 103. This morning it was 154. I don’t understand why numbers would go up during the night. It always comes down during the day. This is backwards for what my Endo. told me. He said it should be under 120 in A.M. and below 180 three hours after lunch. I also have not lost weight even though I exercise daily. I think I am backwards, but I don’t know why. I don’t see Endo. for another month so don’t know what all this up and down is doing to my profile numbers and don’t know how to change it.

Thanks to anyone else who has had this situation and can help.


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Yes it helps to have a routine. I never take my insulin before bedtime since I worry about my sugar going too low.

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Hi @lewismustard I can understand that worry. It all depends on the type of insulin, long acting or short acting. There is an insulin which is used once a day by most folks called Lantus. That is usually used pm but some doctors may prescribe it earlier. Most likely Consumer Reports has done a review of glucometers. All I know is that they are costly. Companies offer the machines for free with the initial control solution and test strips. After that the consumer is responsible for the maintenance i.e. to purchase more control solution and test strips. It can get expensive. Toni


fighting the same. Once and a while I'll have a little something before I go to bed. Carbmaster yogurt and a cup of tea seems to help. I'm still trying to figure it out and I'm not yet totally in range yet but getting there.

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I don't think I understand the term "in range" when it is used in these discussions. I don't use insulin because I don't need it as my blood sugar levels stay in the prediabetic "range" with my diet. I don't need use use meds to lower my blood sugar because my diet and the loss of weight when I first started to treat the problem does the job. After having low blood sugar years ago, I know better than to try meds which would cause a serious drop in blood sugar. Some ads on TV say if you have had thyroid cancer, don't use this medicine.
I also gave up wine, sodas, juices, and gave up hard alcohol before that because I didn't like to drink it and it was being socially forced on me. I still want to lower my AIC by eating less, and want to fit into my clothes better. I have lowered my blood pressure and my cholesterol over time with meds and a better diet. At age 85 I am bound to live a while longer, but with the pandemic it is difficult to find safe places to go and safe people to meet. I guess I will tear my walk-in closet apart and remodel it. I have more stuff I can donate.
I am grateful for the progress I have made in this journey to reasonably good health. But I have some back pain to check out soon.

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