My CSW Tinnitus Cure Discovery!

Posted by Eva L. Hart @evalhart, Sep 19, 2012

Hello Mayo Community, Sep 19,12

I am glad to get on this medical community with wonderful news. I had a mild case of Tinnitus “A Ringing In My Ears.” I understand millions suffer from this condition. And there are those that suffer badly. Some even say on internet that they suffer horribly as well from severe Tinnitus.

I cannot sit in my room having discovered my cure for Tinnitus and not saying anything to help relieve others’ sufferings.

I discovered the CSW cure when I wanted to experiment with counter soundwaves
. I play the piano and knew that Bach created counter melodies to his melodies.
Thus, I tried counter sounds to the constant unpleasant Tinnitus sound I always tried to drown out. I tried bell sounds and had bought an air balloon with a little
bell at bottom of T shaped air balloon. Essentially a kids’s toy thick plastic air balloon. When placing the bell sound to my ear I noticed the squeaky sound coming from air balloon softened the bad Tinnitus sound considerably and with further investigation of every 15 minute testing even could barely hear the unpleasant Tinnitus sound a lot and great improvements. However an ear doctor
reconmended I use a nasal spray called Fluticasone propionate and it moved my Tinnitus sound to my left ear but became louder. Then I discovered my CSW Couoter soundwave cure for my bad Tinnitus. I would want FDA approval first before anyone tries this themselves. What I can share is that a wealth of information of understanding Tinnitus can be learned from my Tinnitus cure such as softest sounds,Tinnitus can be manipulated and moved around. and a non bothersome sound like a clock majorly happens when you apply 50 doses in morning and again in evening of the squeaky sound from the air balloon from my
CSW cure. I want to give back the compassion I found in my time of need. Eva L.


Today July 24,13 makes it 3 years my CSW Tinnitus cure stated above still works. Using a
recorder works beautifully as well. It’d be nice if a safe device could be made to fit into one’ s ear. I want to give this CSW Tinnitus cure back for free because of the compassion I found during my time of medical need with early stage Breast cancer. Eva L. Hart SFGH. July 24,13

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Hi Eva, What kind of sound? Need to know it so I can play it, please give me some more info into this. thanks! Can you please e-mail me?



I have had tinnitus for almost a year now and very annoying high pitched ringing in left ear… There is no known cure for this, and was told that swelling inside the ear caused my problem… I am not advertising a special type of product, but I purchased a desk air purifier from Walmart and put it near my bed at night and found that it took away the sound so I could sleep at night… Such a blessing… I do not use the ion side of this machine but only use the air circulation side on low… It has not taken away the tinnitus completely but has lessened it and at night, I do not hear it at all when I use the machine… I hope this helps someone struggling with tinnitus… Here is a picture of the Holmes air purifier I bought from Walmart but like I said, other brands might also work… 🙂

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Thank you for this info, definitely worth a try. Have the problem off and on, never know when it will start, sometimes day sometimes night. If it's not the ringing tinnitus it's the pumping sound will see if this helps either or maybe if I'm lucky both. Thanks again

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