Muscular weakness

Posted by kmize @kmize, Nov 19, 2021

It is taking forever to get diagnosed so I can get treatment. Had all the test but still waiting on the muscle biopsy. 5 days on prednisone and nothing. Muscle weakness, bladder control and shortness of breath. Went from being active and working to this. It has stolen my life and I am sad and losing hope. I have very little patience with this process. So many autoimmune diseases they have to rule out and it’s been 6-8 weeks. Taking away my happiness and my money. I am afraid they won’t find out anything soon. Don’t know what to do. Maybe go to Mayo?

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@kmize I’m so sorry about your frustration of the long wait for diagnosis. The waiting time is always the most difficult. I also went through it. The important thing to remember is that the doctors are doing their best in a world of unknown diseases. Are you seeing doctors in your local community? Most of them are not trained in ‘finding needles in a haystack.’ You may want to contact a university medical center or regional med center. Is that possible for you?

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