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muscle aches

Posted by @egal, Oct 26, 2012

My son has been having sever pain in his legs, shoulders, arms and hands. Sometimes he says his jaw will lock up where he can’t eat. He tells me it is like a charlie horse but hundreds of times worse. The back of his knees look like the front at times because they are so swollen. He is in some discomfort at all times, but it really hits hard at around 6 pm when he can hardly walk. His wife tells him he walks like a 90 yr old man. He is only 32. He has been to a rhumatolgist in Mason City and they did all kinds of blood work and xrays, (Lyme diease, Lupas, STD ect.), everything has come back negative.They told him that he has joints of a 20 yr old. So they sent him to Iowa City. There they said it was poly-arithis, go back to your dr in Mason City. Well he went back and the Mason City dr. he see a lot of polyarthirtis and that is not what he has, go back to your family dr. He has not been back since and this was 2 months ago. He as started seeing a chiropractor. He told him that whatever it is, is effecting the major muscles. We are trying to get into a nuerolgist but can’t until Dec in Mason City. I finally talked him is into trying Mayo. He sent all his information up there, as his family dr and chiropractor told him to do. Well after waiting almost 2 weeks he got denied because under their impression it was not arthirtis. I can’t figure out why they did not send all the results to another specalist up there. I hate to see my son in this much pain. He is still going to work everyday, he says he can work and be in pain just as well as sit home in pain. His 2 young kids cannot figure out why dad is in bed before they are some nites and does not play with them like he used to. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do or symptoms like his. (Sorry about the spelling of some words)


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