Multiple Skin Abscesses

Posted by kriswin @kriswin, Oct 26, 2018

Over the past three months or so, I have developed cysts that would progressed to full-on golf-sized abscesses. The first was one under my armpit, which I treated myself. Drained and bandaged and healed with no scar. The month after, I had an acne breakout that progressed to a quarter-sized abscess on my right temple that also caused water retention in the nearby eyelid. Got antibiotics to treat it since the skin there was thin and any jostle caused extreme pain. It eventually popped by itself. Unfortunately, I developed another one on my lower right jaw two weeks after the one on my temple. Another course of antibiotics was prescribed to treat it.

Those two courses of antibiotics ended up giving me a yeast infection, causing a horrible rash and boils to form down there. I popped and drained an abscess on my left buttock (not too bad), and am currently nursing another on my right buttock (an inch and half in size with red and tender the size of my palm). It hurts when sitting down and this latest one is probably the worst yet. Would this be something urgent care can treat? I want to avoid the ER and keep it away from my mother finding out because she tends to overreact and thinks she knows the best way to treat it (even though I'm the pre-pharmacy student) with questionable remedies.

I have never had this issue before this year, and I think it might be due to having a weak immune system at the moment.

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Hi @kriswin and welcome to Connect! Those cysts that turn into abscesses sound awful and painful and must be so frustrating to deal with.

You mentioned that you received antibiotics twice to treat the first two breakouts. Have you told the doctor that prescribed those antibiotics about this latest rash and abscesses?

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