Want to talk about Multiple Myeloma: Anyone else?

Posted by Frazer 1 @frazer1, Apr 11, 2012

Asking anyone who is going thru this experience to share any pro's or con's of this disease. As of now I'm in MGUS, will find our next week if it has progress to Smoldering Myeloma.

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Yep, I learned to do that, also, Makes a huge difference! Took a concentrated effort for me to relax. and, I usually try to talk about something unrelated to the injection. Even something as simple as complimenting the nurse on the color of her uniform that day.

In my old age now, I sometimes talk, and remind myself out loud to relax my shoulder and arm before an injection. Of course, I have to do that when I am using a curb also, to step right foot first, since left leg/foot has no feeling. More than once I have taken a tumble, even with my cane!

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Verbal reminders are a GREAT idea.

For some strange reason, just reminding myself to relax doesn't work. So I just pretend that my arm doesn't belong to me; I let it literally hang from my shoulder socket as it were a puppet arm or just a sleeve.

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