Muffled hearing for 3+ months

Posted by charlottescot @charlottescot, Sat, Jun 22 4:43am

As I was walking (about 200 feet) from my car into a friend's house…my left ear went"dead." I did all the things that had worked in the past: blow my nose (gently), close then open the ear. once home I tried removing wax…etc. Nothing has helped. My hearing is totally compromised. Voices over the phone sound like "cartoon" voices…buzzy and childlike. Each week my hearing becomes more diminished. Finally, I have an upcoming appointment with an ENT…THIS UPCOMING FRIDAY!!!! Does anyone have any clues?


Do you by any chance use Q Tips? Many years ago (I wear hearing aids) , I had the same experience and thought my hearing had dropped so far that I went to my independent audiologist. She saw something white way down in the canal with her otoscope. She told me to go to an ENT. I couldn’t wait so I carefully put a pair of tweezers into my ear canal and pulled out a piece of Q tip fluff. BY NO MEAMS am I suggesting you do this. I was lucky and that solved the problem. Might be an accumulation of wax also. I use a wax removal product from time to time…it’s a lot safer than sticking something in your ears. My ENT guy is okay with me using it occasionally. I gave up QTIPS after that.

If you knew someone with an otoscope (anyone a nurse on your family?) that could inspect yours ears to see if they could see anything that would put your mind at ease a bit. I hope it’s as simple as that and know how frustrating it can be.

Regards from FL Mary


MY NP said the ear canal was inflamed. I have used Q-tips in the past (regardless of the warning on every box which says DO NOT USE IN THE EAR). I read somewhere that using q-tips could push the wax deeper into the ear so, that is another possibility. If I find out the problem from the ENT on Friday, I will let you know. Thanks for taking the time to share your opinion. C


@ charlottescot

Sounds like you have otitis externa ….been there. If that is what it is the ENT will give you drops for a few weeks and probably advise you to keep your ears dry. I use a hand held ear blower to dry out my ears from time to time…..moist ears are a breeding ground for infection and fungus. You’ll notice a rapid improvement in your hearing if that is the cause and yes, you can push wax further in the canal with a QTip

Good luck, know you are anxious about it.

Fl Mary


Thank you. You have given me hope, which is a terrific way to start the day. My mother went deaf and refused to do anything about it. Therefore, everyone around her had to yell and repeat everything two or three times. We offered to get her a hearing aid, she refused and then, she would buy gadgets she saw advertised in questionable publications. I swore I would never do that to anyone around me. My mother was extremely intelligent – in publishing – spoke six languages but, as she told me when I had driven 2500 miles to see her, "There is nothing I want to hear." This sadly was the truth. She lived in silence with her books until she was 93. So it goes. Thanks again. I am smiling:-)


@charlottescot, how was your appointment with the ENT specialist? How is your hearing now?


The first appointment was fine, however, the Dr. has just moved into a new office and his new equipment had not arrived. So I now have an appointment on Monday the 2nd. Meantime…my less-than-perfect hearing continues to be irritating and problematic. Thanks for asking.

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