Mucous/thick secretion drainage from ears (head?)

Posted by vickim @vickim, Feb 6, 2021

Fairly recently this drainage in my ears started (that is the best way i know how to term it). It is totally worse at night. As soon as i fall asleep. I already had night sweats for the last few years. Now this ear drainage started. I hear the mucous in my head and ears all the time. When i am sleeping it flows in my ears. Down my nose, the back of my sinuses, down my throat, into my lungs. Choking me. And building up in all those places. It is also worse when i am eating and drinking sending me grabbing me for my tissues too. I went to one ENT, who treated me like I was faking. Until i said something to her about it; then she confessed to being overwhelmed by me and my complex problem and the fact that I happen to be a complex patient. Sigh. I have fibromyalgia. And i have over a dozen other serious health issues. Including multiple autoimmune disorders. Such as diabetes, neuropathy, and Hashimoto's (hypthothyroidism). Stage 3 kidney disease. Migraines. High BP. etc. I just had hernia surgery and trying to recover from a collapsed lung. I really need an answer to this. I need my sleep to help control my chronic pain.

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Your problem is really similar to mine . I’m sorry!
I’ve had no answers either!
I think what I have is pretty rare . So… I really wish you luck! This is a hard way to exist!


Hello @vickim and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry to hear about your ear drainage coupled with your difficulty sleeping as a result. You mention that the drainage is mucous-like and thick.

Is it colored or clear? I ask because there is another conversation on clear drainage that you might find helpful if that applies:
Will you update me so I can best connect you with other members who may be able to help?

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