Mouth ulcers and tongue swelling

Posted by elmtree @elmtree, May 16, 2019


For the past 3 years, I've experienced the following symptoms:

-Up to 30 canker sores/ulcers in my mouth at a time. They will last for a few weeks, be gone a few weeks, then come back.
-My tongue will swell during this time.
-Fatigue. I've tried sleep hygiene and I never feel rested. I feel like I could fall asleep all the time.

I tried eliminating foods and drinks. 1 year ago, my doctor gave me Valtrex which has greatly reduced the mouth ulcers and tongue swelling, although I still sometimes have the problem on occasion. He tested me for numerous things like Lupus, Celiac (Upper endoscopy), Sjogrens, and did a full blood count which was normal. My ALT liver enzymes were slightly elevated. I am not overweight nor do I drink, but I had started weight-lifting so that may be why. Apparently this can cause levels to go up. We did a liver biopsy which was normal. I have an appointment with him next week.

The only health problem I know I have is hypothyroidism, but I've been taking hyperthyroidism for that and my labs are normal.

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@elmtree Welcome to connect We aren't Dr,s but give our experience. Long time ago I had ulcer in my mouth. Dr g told me besides a mouthwash told me to take a B vitamine Riboflavin I can't remember any but ask your Dr about this Canker sores are from a herpes virus so if you had chicken pox the herpes simplex lives in you as Me talk to your Dr about this. Hope this helps let us know we care

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