Posted by lolo1234bj @lolo1234bj, Jan 24 9:26pm

Hi! I’m a 19 year old student.
Four months ago I started having two very unrelated symptoms. I had my eyelids swollen and my lymphatic nodules started to grow very fast. I went to the doctor and he told me that it could be a yeast infection (the swollen eyelids can indicate kidney problems and the nodules, infection). I did a bunch of blood and urine tests, and they turned out very badly, but the doctor couldn’t tell what it was. That’s when other symptoms started appearing, I had a badly body rash that lead me to the emergency room, and the first thing the nurse said when she saw me was “that’s certainly mononucleosis”. I got tested and I indeed was. I started feeling bad, I felt that my head was exploding, my neck really sore, I felt horrible. The worrying part was that the symptoms lasted for months. My body started getting affected by the virus, I started to feel different, I got sick all the time. The doctors discovered a massive cyst in my ovary out of nothing, and my neck is sore until today.
A few days ago I started having fasciculations or muscle twitching out of nowhere. I really think that this could be a sequel of the Epstein bar virus because I know that it attacks the nervous system as I learned in college. Has anyone had this? Or maybe it’s unrelated.

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