Minimally invasive ligament debulking

Posted by pablo81 @pablo81, Apr 13 6:11pm

I am considering the "MILD" treatment which debulks the ligament thereby increasing spinal canal space.

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I have severe stenosis at L2/L3 and L3/L4. I have constant back pain that intensifies with activity. I cannot do much physical work without resting. Bending over helps relieve the pain. I have resisted open back surgery. I am 81 years if age, I get around and do about 30 minutes a day of treadmill and exercise. I am considering the above treatment but the only info I have comes from the Vendor, Veritos Inc. I would like to talk to someone who actually had it done.



I'm also considering the MILD procedure. To date, I've been unable to find success stories. Some have experienced modest relief or no relief. My local Oththo MD tells me he has performed 30 procedures. All but four were successful. I've requested an appointment at Mayo for an opinion. I hope patients who had the MILD will respond to your request.


I have been investigating the MILD procedure for my L4-L5 pain. I found an article published by the NY Times in 2012. "A Clash Over A Spine Treatment". The article is written about Dr. Daryl F. Fourney, hired by Vertos, the MILD developer, to do a clinical trial. Dr. Journey went beyond what Vertos has contracted him to do and followed patients six months after the procedure. Please read if you're considering this procedure.

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