Minally invasive bunion surgery

Posted by mariajean03 @mariajean03, Aug 3, 2020

Has anyone had success with bunion surgery? Every podiatrist I see has a different opinion. It's so confusing. Maria.

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@mariajean03, my mom had bilateral bunion surgery 2 years ago. It was a challenging recovery for her at 78, but she is really happy she had it done. Before surgery walking had become really painful and limiting to her lifestyle. She has always been a walker. Now at 80, she walks 5000-8000 steps a day pain-free. The hardest part about the surgery for her was general anesthesia. She did not tolerate it very well, but that is not everyone's experience. For her, the recovery was a bit longer than normal. It was at least 2 months before she was back to herself again with gradual and promising improvements along the way.

You might appreciate this info from Mayo experts:
– Mayo Clinic Q and A: Treating bunions https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/bunions/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20354805

What options or opinions have you encountered so far, Maria? Are you in pain?



My mom had bunion surgery in the 1960s and it never seemed to bother her. I have a bunion…big toe on my left foot. I worked for orthopedic surgeons for 18 years. I never had and continue to not have any pain. My bunion doctor at the practice where I worked said he couldn’t guarantee that I would not have pain afterwards. So he did not want to operate. For me it was cosmetic reasons only. I have some dress heels but can’t wear them for more than a few hours without discomfort.

I have often considered having the surgery because I would like to wear sandals that don’t look like orthopedic sandals and something besides flats. Even a slightly raised heel will be uncomfortable after a while. But I am 79 , an active walker and gym rat and I don’t want to give up that lifestyle. I also have a collection of pretty flats so, at this stage of the game, I will not have it done. I also don’t have any pain.

However, if I was 20 years younger, I would take the plunge. You might make your decision based on your age and lifestyle and if walking is painful and also if you can afford to be limited in your activities for a couple of months.

Not an easy decision. I am interested in knowing if you will have surgery and, if you do, if you would share your recovery process with us.

Good luck
FL Mary


Has anyone with RA had bunion surgery? In response to Maryjean003, I agree it is confusing. I too have talked with multiple podiatrists. I have spoken with many who have had it. I'm not sure what you mean by minimally invasive. My girlfriend had both feet done about 20 years ago, and was very satisfied. I spoke with a woman a few months ago that had to get her 2nd toe straightened as well, with a pin in it. She said don't do the pin and use whatever appliances etc. you can to keep that toe straight. I spoke to another woman who had the surgery the week before and she was walking on her cast. She said she had real pain for only a few days. I have great pain in both feet but I also have RA. I'm afraid to have the surgery but COVID seems like a good time to since I'm laid up anyway. The patient response is somewhat like the podiatrist response. Varied. You can wait too long as well one Doc told me. So, when it hurts enough I'm going to take the plunge but I do need to know about the RA complication. Any advice or experience?


Hello @yama and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You have come to a good discussion group to find support and information regarding foot surgery. We have many members who will be glad to share their experiences and outcomes with you.

I would also encourage you to look at our discussion group that deals specifically with RA. The members there might be able to offer some encouragement and/or suggestions as well. Here is the link to that discussion, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/rheumatoid-arthritis-ra-introduce-yourself-and-meet-others/

I'm glad to hear that you have consulted with more than one doctor about going through with this procedure. I admire your diligence and tenacity in seeking out help.

I'm looking forward to hearing what decision you make. Will you keep posting?

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