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migraine type headache for more than 15years!

Posted by @keithtombs in Brain & Nervous System, Sep 3, 2012

Hi all. where do I start. i have had a 24/7 migraine/headache for a decade now. I have just started using a tricyclic to "dampen" its severity and so far it has helped me get my ibuprofen use down from 3 to 6 doses a day to one or two doses.

i am upset with all doctors i see here in Australia who continue to call it migraine when it seems more like hemicrania continua. But all of them dismiss me when i ask them if it could be this and say the treatment is the same.

does anyone else here experience a 24/7 migraine like headache?

by the way... upon starting the tricyclic i have started to experience real aura migraines about once a month... this truly tells me the 24/7 headache is not actually migraine!

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Posted by @keithtombs, Sep 3, 2012

...My only reservation with calling it hemicrania continua, is that all stories is how the pain is severe... however, my pain is not exactly severe... it wavers up and down in scale and at times it can't be very strong but i don't let it get severe anymore.

anyway... looking forward to any comments or similar sufferers comments.


Posted by @mouser, Sep 9, 2012

I did until I went to a physical therapist who specialized in migraines. He taught me relaxation techniques. I found when I can control my stress that I have less migraines


Posted by @mouser, Sep 10, 2012

I am curious why you say your migraine is not a true migraine just because now you are experiencing an aura with the "real" ones?


Posted by @headacheallthetime, Jul 3, 2013

I have had headaches ever since 2004 and it seems like I can't find anything that work or a doctor that can help.

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