Migraine and keto diet

Posted by jxc0 @jxc0, Aug 15, 2021

Trying the keto diet to reduce migraine. How to start, how effective is it, how to control possible undesirable effects such as muscle cramps and constipation.

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@jxc0 My husband and I tried the Keto(Ketogenic) diet for over 6 months. It helped with weight loss for him. I can see it decreasing headaches if the migraine is the result of too much carbs. Keeping a low carbohydrate consumption helped me to decrease the neuropathy burning. A friend of ours also followed the diet. When he returned to his previous diet i.e. getting his energy from carbohydrates instead of fats, he noticed his tremors also came back. The Keto diet was developed about a hundred years ago to decrease and prevent seizures. Once medication became available the diet became less favorable. I have heard the Keto diet can impact neurological deficits but always consult your physician for approval prior to trying. For me, I never liked eating lots of fats for energy. While on the diet, I learned to make cakes and pies which don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed. Since then I have converted back to burning carbohydrates for energy but still remain on a low carb diet for my neuropathy. It has been a great learning experience though because I experimented with foods and have developed my own low carb recipes. With many Keto recipes for baking, eggs are used to make cakes and bread dough. I had to get used to the bread made with eggs. Hamburger buns and pizza were not the same. Now I appreciate making and enjoying my own vegan foods and low carb bread and pizza ( so does my husband ). We have pizza weekly. He still manages his weight through the benefits of the low carb foods I make and I have less neuropathy symptoms.

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