Middle ear congestion

Posted by januaryjane @januaryjane, Feb 23, 2020

My problems with sinuses started with allergies and sinus infections around 13. Over a year ago I finally had surgery, which did help. But I still have problems because I have allergies and a small nose structure. Ive found i think i have a lot of inner ear congestion. My ears pop randomly, ring, crackle, or "spasm" (as i describe it). Lately, the right has been crackling on and off. I mean, is there a better solution to this than just the daily things I do at war????? Like, use air purifier, clean, take nose spray and zyrtec, do nose rinses, humidifier, and weekly allergy shots.

Im getting tired of it all!! Anyone else deal with this and have solutions?? Thanks for your reply!

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@januaryjane Hi No I don't think there,s a cure for tinnitus as I have it rings ,louder at different times then usual My ear Dr has no answers If anyone does for tinnitus let me know


Im sorry you have tinnitus. Both my parents do as well. I know there are small devices they put in the ear that makes noise to counteract your ear noise to namke it less. Have you heard of that? I think there is also some type of surgery. My dad was going to do something like that but ended up not doing it.


@januaryjane It is very annoying as I and others can attest to. The only thing I use that helps is Mullen Leaf it's a liquid I put in water that seems to help


I currently have serous otitis, @januaryjane, and have some similar symptoms. Just waiting for my middle ear to completely drain, which could take 6 weeks (if not by then, I will get tubes). The doctor has me doing nasal rinse, real Sudafed/ Pseudoephedrine and Afrin/oxymetazoline to help it drain.

Does anything help it feel better, januaryjane?

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