Microlobulated borders

Posted by Sharon Fisher @sharonf001, Jul 27, 2017

Hi. I'm brand new to this site. I had an ultrasound that revealed a 1.2 cm mass with the microlobulated borders on the upper portion of the left breast (as well as a .9 cm believed to be a cyst). I live in a smaller town and the soonest I can get an appointment with a surgeon to review my ultrasound test is three weeks. Is it possible to get into Mayo clinic Scottsdale sooner? This would be a four hour drive for me, and worth it. Also, are there any percentages related to microlobulated borers and malignancy? If it turns out to be cancer, I would like to review the Proton Beam option, and I doubt that we have that in our town.

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Mayo clinic in AZ, Scottsdale , does have the Proton Beam option. Best to call Mayo first and over phone set appointment . Stay calm as you can get the best care at Mayo.

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