Micro Adenoma on my Pituitary.

Posted by healthspec @healthspec, Feb 28, 2021

First Post on this Site or any Site to seek help. But here goes. Basic Info. 61 year old female. 135lbs. 5'7" white
In 2008 I was diagnosed with a Micro Adenoma on my Pituitary. They wanted to remove it but I couldn't. Over the years I suffered with quite a few head injuries so I would always be told by Doctors about it being there. My headaches and dizziness were treated a few times but I reacted horribly to every medication they tried on me. Then they tell me I have Trigeminal neuralgia. One treatment went terribly wrong with side effects so I was never treated again. The Doctor also moved. This all occurred in VA. Five years ago I moved to CO. I began experiencing severe headaches again and dizziness. But the said I had moderate Altitude Sickness. But then when MRI's started being done again here comes the Pituitary Adenoma concern. But this time two neurologist gave completely different diagnoses. But I continued to suffer with Lightheadedness and dizzy spells .Now my Cardiologist's blame my heart Conditions. Electrical issues. Two months ago I had another MRI of the Brain. The Micro Adenoma on the Pituitary apparently is back. Because it supposedly disappeared two years ago. With all that said, I don't know who to believe. What I do know is that something feels wrong in my head constantly. It hurts to even touch my head sometimes. I have these bad headaches sometimes that are right in the center of my head behind my eye and nose. My cortisol levels have been very high now for two years. I have other blood results that no one can explain. My eye site is constantly changing. I believed until recently that I was going to have to live the rest of my life not knowing what was medically wrong with me. But then I found out about this forum. I feel hope. I am my Advocate.

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Hello @healthspec and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Thank you for sharing your story and medical history so that other members can find ways to connect with you and provide support. I can only imagine how confusing this all must be given the fragmented information and differing diagnosis throughout the years between the assessing you and determining Micro Adenoma on your Pituitary to heart conditions were/are responsible for your symptoms.

Member @upartis has previously shared familial experience with micro adenomas and may be able to provide some support.

While we wait for other members to join this discussion, I'd like to start by asking you when you were last seen for your symptoms and what was recommended to you?

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