MGUS and Curcumin/Tumeric

Posted by michey @michey, Mar 31 9:57am

Is anyone here using CURCUMIN/TUMERIC via any of the following with the goal of lowering MGUS' progression:
1. Official clinical trial?
2. Taking it via an oral supplement?
3. Using it in home cooking?

If so, what are your experiences?

(No need to offer advice about the importance of consulting with my own doctor which I certainly will do and hope you will too.)

My post here is to help me gather my questions to ask my hematologist/oncologist in my 4 month follow-up next month.

For information about clinical trials for MGUS, I have checked out:
Thank you!

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Hi Michey,
Yes due to “Margaret’s “ blog I started taking 8 curcumin capsules. Lab work showed a reduction and the oncologist was happy I am doing well. However, I started to have horrible heart burn for days and had to stop taking the capsules.
Now I am enjoying the book “Healing Spices” by Bharat Aggarwal. I am now cooking or adding to salads the whole “root” or “herb” turmeric to my food and it is acceptable to my digestive system. My blood work comes up soon so I will see if having less curcumin makes my numbers go up.

Love and hugs to all


I take full spectrum curcumin with organic curcumin tea every morning.
Full spectrum because it has 185x absorption Rate and 800mg Curcuma Longa.
Last labs showed a decrease in MGUS related values.
I also cook with it.


Be careful with Curcumin.
It is a blood thinner, and if you are already on one, or taking daily aspirin, be especially careful!

Best to discuss Curcumin and blood thinning concerns with your physician.


Thanks so much to those of you who posted here! Very helpful in so many ways!

Does anyone have an update on this warning about Curcumin negativelly impacting certain individuals? This one which dates back to 2010:

file:///C:/Users/Michelle/AppData/Local/Temp/MicrosoftEdgeDownloads/431d40c7-9c6d-448a-9336-983e0e7cef45/2010%20Clin%20Cancer%20Res%2016(7)%202225%20Vermorken.pdf Is Curcumin for Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance without Risk? – Letter (See Page 2)
Quote: “It is conceivable that immunosuppression by curcumin can occur in patients with aberrantly functioning DCs and not in healthy controls. It is known that in some MGUS patients, the nonaffected immunoglobulins are reduced. These patients show, on average, a higher risk for malignant progression. Whether in these patients maturation of DCs would be perturbed by curcumin and whether this would lead to risk of progression of MGUS is a relevant question for future clinical trials. ….”


I believe it’s important to look at your specific MGUS lab values and ask your doctor what the impact of Curcumin would be in your case… from a scientific point of view anything over 5 yrs old is generally considered outdated…although it could be cited work…


I don't know if physicians have enough understanding of how food works in the body because nutrition is not basic in University curriculum.So,asking physicians about turmeric use might not give you the complete answer you need.


Suhailfanous, I bet you are right! (I'll report back after my visit at end of this month. )


I am following this because I would like to know about using natural methods to boost my immunity. Curcumin doesn't sound like a good choice for me because I am normally slightly anemic. I'm wondering if anyone has more information on Tumeric.


I was diagnosed with low risk Smoldering Myeloma several weeks ago. I have started high dose 6000mg a day of Qunol Curcumin 95% Curcuminoids with 100mg Ginger Root Powder and 10mg Black Pepper Root Extract. I have labs again in 3 months so interested to see if there is any change. I read several clinical trials that showed positive results for reducing or slowing progression in Smoldering Myeloma patients.
All I can tell you right now is after a full week of taking this amount every day is, I feel so much better. I have less pain in my shoulders, back etc. I have been sleeping better and have more energy. Note, my shoulder and back pain is from previous motocross accidents, tons of broken bones. I will see what if anything my labs tell me and report back.


I would be very interested in how this works out for you.
Good luck!

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