Mets to Liver After Breast Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment in 2012

Posted by mssewest @mssewest, Jan 9, 2022

Long post alert:

I have been diagnosed with metastasis to the liver after having a PET Scan and blood work. I had breast cancer 11 years ago and I found a lump on November 8th 2021 near my right clavicle and it is very painful to the touch with the area around, in back of it swollen and causing a lot of pain. It is affecting my right shoulder causing excruciating pain as well, the lump appears to be palpable and has moved. I have not begun treatment of any sorts. I am still taking the Anastrozole I was prescribed 20 months ago by my oncologist.
With it being 2 months since finding this lump, does it seem like a long time to go without having any chemo, radiation or surgery, etc?
 The doctor has only prescribed Percocets for the pain. I feel it has spread beyond being able to be treated. I am feeling hopeless, frustrated and like my doctors do not care.
The liver biopsy was performed on Thursday January 6th and I am still in pain from that.
Does this seem normal to have not started some treatment yet or am I just over anxious?

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Hello, this could be the hardest part of the journey, the waiting. I would think 2 months is a long time. I know there is the holidays and struggles with staffing and covid, but have you considered asking your doctor why there has been such a delay in getting answers and treatment? Has the doctor mentioned any treatment options. With MBC I have a much harder time being patient, it definitely changed my sense of urgency. Did this lump on your clavicle show up on your pet scan? Did your biopsy come back as breast cancer?


I see your comment was from January. Hope all went well for you. Would you mind giving us an update?


I see your comment was from January. Hope all went well for you. Would you mind giving us an update?

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@zeerj, how thoughtful of you to check in on @mssewest. I'm tagging her to make sure she sees your post to invite her for an update.

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