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My daughter is 31 years old and had her thyroid removed for multicystic goiters 10 years ago. She is currently on Synthroid. She has a concerning weight gain (50 pounds), hot all the time, and fatigue. At the end of the day she feels like she just can’t go another minute. She has dieted and exercises but unable to get control of these health concerns. She is a registered nurse so is educated in health care but it seems there is nothing to be done. She also has had psoriasis since childhood that are a constant source of uncomfort. I am not a nurse but do have education in healthcare. I feel like the bulk of her problems stem from her thyroid. The doctors do blood test on her and they come back normal. other than the psoriasis and ear/throat infections as a child she was very healthy prior to the thyroid disease. Any input or suggestions on treatment/diagnosis would be most appreciated. I am really worried about the well being of my daughter.

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@contentandwell My weight gain now is from desserts trying to get of this and bread I love my toast in morning California is covered in snow about 75 miles from me


@contentandwell My weight gain now is from desserts trying to get of this and bread I love my toast in morning California is covered in snow about 75 miles from me

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@lioness. My weight gain is simply from eating too much of EVERYTHING. Today I managed pretty well, so hopefully I will keep the ball rolling.
We had snow today, but certainly much more than 75 miles away from you! This really has not been a bad winter but even so I’m ready for it to end. I think the only people who aren’t are skiers. My son actually got up early today to ski and then went to work in the afternoon. What a life!

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@contentandwell Yep good for him Over the weekend here my son and family where up at Big Bear lots of fluffy snow a day after they got back both roads where closed due to snow and rock slides Glad they all got home his cousin and her 2 1/2 yr old loved it also We are concerned about floods now from all that snoe

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Thanks for the tag. – as a fellow thyroid sufferer, I will say the most important test is antibodies. That’s the auto immune factor. Be sure your daughter gets tested for thyroglobulin and peroxidase. Vitamin levels such as vitamin D and iron. Ferritin and selenium. I also suggest that she cut out inflammatory foods such as dairy and gluten. It’s an elimination diet and she must be strict with it. After a few months she can slowly introduce one at a time and she will be able to see also if certain foods are causing her issues. I’m in the process myself of doing allergy testing and looking to see why levothyroxine is bothering me now after 20 years of being on it. I found lennett laboratories manufactures it now and acquired Levo roughly a year and half ago. / so could be ingredient formula change. Hope your daughter feels better / I felt the same and just got dxd with Hashimotos last December. I’ve been on AIP diet and noticed a huge difference but something still us bothering me and only thing it could be is Levo. It’s a very hard disease to live with and each of our cases is different, but I do know the thyroid controls the whole body and each cell thrives on t3. When we take t4 pill our liver converts it to t3. Have a full thyroid test done and tsh doesn’t mean squat if you have Hashimotos.

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Hi I have been on synthroid for 35 years and have had trouble sleeping ever since. Had to be on anti depressants for sleep for most of that time as I worked full time and needed my sleep. I am retired now and want to be able to sleep naturally. I would like to try Armour but my dr doesn’t like it. My endocrinologist does a TSH and tells me I’m fine. I feel it’s the synthroid that has been my problem for a long time with sleep disturbance. How do I get my levels tested for thyroglobulin and peroxidase? I’m ready to explore another avenue and need to find a dr that will listen to me! Any suggestions?

I understand your problem a little. I am on Synthroid because of removal of my thyroid due to cancerous nodules. The dose is low so I don't have risk for more cancer, as I have also had a lumpectomy for breast cancer. But they said my thyroid cancer was cured. Confusing, isn't it? I certainly would like a higher dose of Synthroid but my Endo says the numbers are perfect. I am left with fussing over my AIC numbers. I want to feel better and have more energy. I have had insomnia but it is better now. I know I need to lose weight. I think my Endo dismissed me back to my primary doctor because Medicare won't pay for treatment when the AIC is below 7 because that is "good enough." Primary doctor is doing nothing but giving me blood pressure pills which make me too sleepy to do any work. Sometimes I am afraid to drive a car so I stay home. That's no long term solution, is it!

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