Menstrual Cramps — More intense since having Covid. Anyone else?

Posted by tiredmommy @tiredmommy, May 24 7:54am

I had intense menstrual cramps when I had Covid and they felt like labor pains as well as my period was tiny clot drops of blood initially vs more free flowing as normal. Has anyone else experienced this? I will be getting my first period again post acute Covid and as I am still experiencing symptoms of Covid will be going to a long Covid clinic, but curious what others are doing who are experiencing more pain, etc.

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To loop back. I met with my OBGYN for annual well visit and shared my experience (noted above). She ordered an ultrasound if my next period is the same as she agreed changes are odd when you run like clockwork and then suddenly things change. She said that if period goes back to normal not to do ultrasound as it could have been just because of acute covid phase. However, if it doesn’t then it’s clear something with civid post acute phase is still symptom that should be investigated. She said when you have changes in bleeding/bleed in between periods/bleed less or more etc that is when she’s recommend an ultrasound. She appreciated me sharing my symptoms as it helps her understand potential issues. It’s clear we are all learning together with our practitioners on all of this.

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