Menopause and Neurapothy

Posted by boo55 @boo55, Mar 28, 2019

Since around 2015 I have felt some numbness in my feet. BAM! Post menopause, Around Fall of 2019. Terrible numbness in toes and calves with some pain and a diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy. Has anyone else experienced something similar ? Looking for correlations.

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I too am newly in menopause. PN occurred about the same time. It has only been 8 months for me but I have had extensive testing done only to dx as ideopathic small fiber PN! I am experiencing weight gain (but that could be from going from playing tennis 4 times a week, walking regularly and working out to practically nothing). I also am experiencing breakouts (acne) like crazy. I’m 53. Could PN be a sign of menopause? That is a great question!! Anyone??


Weird. I’m 36 but have had one ovary removed which seemed to have thrown my hormones out of balance. I also have PN issues. I started having symptoms of early peri-menopause and like @boo55 said BAM! I thought it was all in my head and the two issues just happened to coincide. I wonder if hormones play a role?


Hi again ,
Looking online, there have been some studies that are thinking that changing hormone levels may be correlated with PN ,especially estrogen. My Dad had PN also and men have changing hormone levels as they age also. Food for thought. This is just such an icky thing to deal with suddenly every day. 😞


@boo55, changing hormone levels is listed as a cause…hadn't thought of it before .

NIH – Peripheral Neuropathy Fact Sheet

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