Meningioma pressing against the optic nerve

Posted by TLOsborne @tlosborne, Aug 9, 2021

My wife Marylou (59) has a tumor.
Diagnostic Studies:
A brain MRI from 07/23/2021, shows a very large left sphenoid wing meningioma, that encases the carotid artery, proximal anterior cerebral artery, and proximal middle cerebral artery. It is also encasing the optic apparatus and extending into the pre-mesencephalic space.
She is scheduled for a 2nd MRI today 8/9/21, followed by consolation with a neuro-surgeon in advance of surgery planned for 8/12/21.

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It's been a long while since I posted anything, but here goes.
My wife Marylou had the surgery, but it didn't go well. She lost her peripheral vision in the right eye and is blind in the left. She has significant memory issues as well.
On 9/17/21 Marylou's sister Mel arrived from Manila Philippines to help out and I was able to return to work the following Monday.
On 9/29/21 she had her follow up appointment. The surgery suggested a possible 2nd surgery. We saw folks at the radiation center but they said the tumor is too large to effectively treat with radiation. He suggests that surgery to remove everything they can and then radiation on the rest as the best option.
After the 9/29 follow up the surgery said she could go back to work which she did on November 1st, but because of memory issues was not able to do her job so they sent her home on the 4th.
Her 2nd follow up appointment is Wednesday 11/17/21.
She was maintaining until about two weeks ago, but has gotten worse of late. Balance issues, memory issues, vision issues and now some incontinence.
I love my Marylou and want her back and am trusting Jesus to see us through.


Marylou is scheduled for another surgery on 11/30/21

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