Meeting up with others who are having Proton Treatment

Posted by dandl48 Dave @dandl48, Sep 15, 2020

My wife and I had a very pleasant afternoon when we met up with 2 other men who are undergoing radiation treatment at roughly the same time as me. I met one of the men on this forum and the other was staying at the same place as the first. We exchanged our thought processes in choosing what treatment we picked, any “Buyer’s Remorse” after choosing radiation and just talked about life in general. It was a very calming day and I hope to meet up with them again. I start SBRT on Thursday while the other man started his yesterday. Why did I post this? It’s because the meeting of men in a similar boat away from Mayo relaxed me and reassured me that my choice was the correct one. This can help you also.

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I just wanted to add my own comment on choosing proton therapy. I was not a good candidate for a radical prostatectomy as I had a TIA in 2019, so I did a lot of research on the various radiation therapies. Proton therapy seemed to hold the most promise for minimizing radiation side effects. I had my last proton treatment over a month ago and, so far, I have had no significant side effects related to the proton therapy. The only side effects worth mentioning were due to the androgen deprivation therapy and those have been minor. I am very happy that I chose proton therapy. Good luck on your treatment.


Great news on your SBRT treatment! Yes, the Androgen Deprivation shot for me was very bothersome. Sweats, Chills and easily to tire. Good luck going forward.

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